How to Create a New Club

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. Go to or click the Register a Club button in the top right corner.

  2. Please enter the required information.

    Which version should I select?

    • The version is the quickest way to get up-and-running.

      You'll be asked to choose a username to create a club profile link similar to

      Once your club is created everything will be managed through

    • Alternatively, you have the option to self-host.

      • This is the exact same software we use on but with one major difference: you have complete control over your data.

      • When parents register for an event the data is stored in a database you control, where only your staff can access it.

      • Parents register for accounts on your website, not with Sportamingo.

      • Your club will still have full access to our support team.

      • The software can be installed as a plugin for existing WordPress websites or hosted on a sub-domain ( if you're hosting with SportsEngine, Wix, Squarespace, etc.

      • The Sportamingo software requires a VPS server with at least 2gb of RAM and PHP7+

      • Sportamingo provides hosting and server management at $30 / month, paid annually. However, this add-on is not required. If you are familiar with hosting environments you can skip this and install the software on an existing server assuming it meets the requirements.

  3. When finished entering the information, click the Register Organization button.screenshot

  4. Sportamingo will create your club immediately.

    We will use the My Account Information section to create an admin account for the organization.

    After you login to using that email address you will be able to access the club admin dashboard.

  5. All clubs are required to setup a Stripe payments account in order to access their free suite of club admin tools.

    This will allow us to accomplish two things:

    1. Process credit card and ACH payments on your behalf when you send out invoices or collection registration fees through the form builder.

    2. This will ensure that only verified and legitimate organizations are using the Sportamingo platform.

    For help creating your payments account, please read the following guide:

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