How to Add Custom Sections/Fields to Member Profiles

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. Navigate to your club's admin dashboard.

  2. Click the Manage Settings tab.screenshot

  3. Navigate to the Member Profiles tab.screenshot

  4. Click the blue Create button in the Member Profile Field Categories section.screenshot

  5. Enter a label for the category.

    • If you would like this section to be accessible only to club admins/staff, be sure to set the Admin Only column to Yes.screenshot
  6. Click the blue Create button in the Member Profile Fields section.screenshot

  7. Select a category for the field (they will not display otherwise).

  8. Enter a label for the field.

  9. Be sure to set Admin Only to Yes if you would like this field hidden from parents.screenshot

  10. Repeat as necessary.

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