How Are Membership Records Created?

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. Member records are automatically created whenever a form submission is received.

    Sportamingo collects the player's first/last name and their parent’s first/last name, an email address and a phone number.

    If a junior athlete does not exist already with that information Sportamingo will go ahead and create a new membership record for them.

  2. Member records can be created manually.

    1. After opening the members table, click the blue Create button at the top (in the filters section).

    2. Enter the individual’s first and last name in the modal window that appears.

    3. Click the blue Create Member button.screenshot

    4. After your new member has been created we’ll add the new member to your directory table.

    5. Filter the table by their name and click the blue Edit button to open their profile.

    6. After opening a member profile, scroll down to the bottom of the Personal Details section. There you will find a series of toggles that you can use to categorize the member. Check off all that apply.

  3. Members can be imported via a spreadsheet.

    Inputting a few hundred members would be, politely speaking, awful.

    If you email our staff a spreadsheet with your member contact information we’ll take care of getting this into the system for you.

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