What Payment Methods Are Available to Parents?

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product

Sportamingo supports three primary payment methods:

  1. Credit Card transactions processed through Sportamingo are set at 2.9% + $1.30 per transaction.

    • Clubs have the option of passing the processing fees on to parents or absorbing the fees themselves.

    Competitor Processing Fees as of May 10th, 2022:

    SportsEngine HQ3.5% + $2.00 / transaction-or-3.25% + $2.00 / transaction + $525/year for Premium Plan

    LeagueApps1.5 - 3% in addition to ~2.9% + $0.30 / transaction charged by your payment gateway

  2. Parents also have the option to connect their bank account and pay via ACH Transfer to side-step the credit card processing fees in favor of a flat $5.00 transaction fee.

  3. Sportamingo also supports cash and check payments on all invoices for parents who would rather pay offline instead.

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