How to View Broadcasts That Previously Sent

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. Open your club's admin menu and click the Broadcasts button.

    • The default tab that will be shown is Scheduled Broadcasts.
  2. Open the Previously Sent tab.

  3. Click one of the View buttons to open the broadcast in a modal window.

    • The left column will contain the message that was sent as part of the broadcast.

    • The right column will show you the Broadcast Recipients ... every individual email that received the broadcast plus how many times that recipient opened the message.

    • Please note: Open tracking is supported by adding 1px by 1px transparent image into the bottom of the email. If a parent forwards this email to others, and the 2nd degree recipients open the email, their opens will be attributed to the original recipient.

      • If a recipient has images disabled in their email inbox Sportamingo will be unable to track whether or not they have opened your message.

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