How To Edit an Existing Uploadable Document

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. Open your club's admin menu and click the Documents button.

  2. Click the appropriate Edit Document button to open the document admin page.

  3. Enter a Label for the document.

  4. Assign the document to a Season (optional).

    • Documents that are not assigned to a specific season will be requested from all members at all times (assuming they pass the Member Types filter below).

    • If a document is assigned to a season, and that season is set as the Current Season in your club settings, the document will display in user's dashboards.

    • ie) You can create a 2021-22 Photo Release Waiver and assign it to the 2021-22 season. When you move your club ahead to the 2022-23 season that original document will automatically disappear from user dashboards since it is no longer relevant to them.

    • Documents that are assigned to a specific season can have their season tag removed by clicking the clear link that displays when a season tag is active.

  5. Configure which types of members will see this document by selecting the options in the Member Types checkbox list.

  6. If you have created at least one smart group, and would like to further limit who the document will be requested from, you can select groups by clicking the checkbox next to their name.

    • If no groups are selected the document will be shown to everybody that satisfies the Member Types selections.
  7. Upload a Starter Document (could also be considered an 'Example Document')

    • This is entirely optional but may be helpful to parents if they could see an example of what they're supposed to submit.. ie) a preview image of a USAV Membership Card.

    • You can also use this to include a document that parents can download and fill out by hand. They will then be able to upload the file into the system by taking a photo with their phone or uploading a PDF of the file.

  8. Enter any instructions that may be helpful to club members when submitting this document (optional).

    • You can preview exactly how your document content will be displayed to your club members by scrolling up to the top of the page and clicking the Preview button.

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