How to Create and Publish a Form

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. Navigate to your club's admin menu.

  2. Click the Forms link to open the forms table.screenshot

  3. Click the blue Create button near the top to open the Create a New Form modal window.


  1. Enter a label for the form.

    • As you type you will notice an auto-suggested URL in the field below, mirroring your form label.

    • You can click on this field to set your own custom URL.

  2. When finished, click the blue Create Form button.screenshot

The form will automatically be assigned to the current season (indicated in your club settings page).

After your form has been created Sportamingo will send you to the form admin page.screenshot

By default, the form’s published status is left blank (inactive). When you are finished building your form you can return here to set the Published Status to Yes so that parents can register their children for your events.

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