How to Create an Event

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. After navigating to your club's admin menu, click the Calendars button.

  2. Click the Add Event button.

    • This will open a modal window with multiple tabs.
  3. Add a title for your event in the Event Label field. This is required.

  4. If you would like this event to display on your club's profile, in your upcoming event list and in Sportamingo's search results, be sure to change the Add to Public Events List setting to Yes.

    • This setting is defaults to No to prevent practice schedules or club team tournament events from inadvertantly being promoted.
  5. Change the Event Type field as needed.

  6. Change the Sport as needed. This field will be used to help categorize the event in Sportamingo's search results.

  7. Change the Gender field as needed. This field will be used to help categorize the event in Sportamingo's search results.

  8. Enter a Tagline / Description for the event. This will display in your public events list and in Sportamingo search results.

  9. Enter Event Details as needed. This is where you'll put more in depth information that will be shown when a user clicks on an event for additional information.

  10. Click the Registration button in the menu near the top to open the Registration Settings tab.

    • If you would like to accept registrations for this event, confirm that the Enable Registration field is set to Yes.

      • If set to Yes, when this event is created we'll create a junior athlete registration form automatically.
    • If you would like to limit the number of registrations accepted you can enter a number into the Max Registrations field. If left blank or a 0 is entered we'll accept unlimited signups.

    • If this is a paid event, be sure to enter a price for your event in the Cost field.

      • Sportamingo events that do not have an explicit cost associated with them will be treated as free events and will not require payment to submit registration information.
  11. Click the Date(s) / Time(s) button in the menu near the top to open the scheduling tab.

    • Edit this information as needed.
    • You may find it helpful to read the difference between Single Session Events and Multiple Session Events a few sections below.
  12. Click the Location button in the menu near the top to update the location details tab.

    • This information is technically optional but extremely useful for parents.

    • Sportamingo uses the state and zipcode fields to figure out which events should be shared with parents local to your area.

    • If you have created a location in your club's Location Manager you can select it from the dropdown list and auto-fill this information instead of having to punch it in manually every time.

  13. Click the Specify Calendars button to open the attendees tab.

    • Sportamingo will display all of the teams and groups you have created for the season assigned to this event.

      • Clicking on a team or group will add this event to the respective individual calendars.

      • When a parent views their family calendar, if one of their children are assigned to a team/group selected, this event will appear on their personal calendar as well.

      • Selecting attendees for an event is not required and should not be used for events in which you are planning to accept registrations.. ie) a summer camp or open gym.

  14. Open the Confirm tab.

  15. Click the Create Event button.

    • After creating the event you will receive a success message. The event settings will not reset.

    This is on purpose. We leave the settings you used for the last event in place just in case you wanted to create something similar.. there's nothing worse than having to re-enter the same information over and over!

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