How to Create a Team

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. Navigate to your club's admin menu and click the Teams button.

    • This will open a table with a list of teams assigned to your current season.
  2. Click the blue Create button in the top right corner.

    • This will open a modal window with a form that'll allow you to set various options for the new team.
  3. Enter a Team Label - this is required.

  4. Enter Gender for the team.

  5. Enter an Age Level for the team - this is optional.

  6. Enter a Grade Level for the team - this is optional.

  7. Enter a Team Level for the team.

    • Typically National teams are labeled as "1", followed by Regional "2", Local "3" and House "4" teams. However, how you choose to mark your teams is entirely up to you.

    • Teams within an age group can be assigned to the same team level - this setting can be changed in the future when editing a team.

    • This designation is private for club staff - we only use it to sort the order of teams in a table.

  8. Click the Create Team button.

    • After the team has been created successfully you will see a confirmation message with the option to create another team or open the new team's dashboard.

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