How to Add Athletes To a Roster

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. After navigating to the Teams page, click one of the white Edit Team buttons inside of the table.

    • This will open the team admin panel in a modal window.
  2. Open the Roster tab.

  3. Click the Edit Roster button.

    • A new modal window will overlay on the screen with a list of your club members.

    • Clicking on a club member in the list will add the athlete to the team.

    • Be sure to use the Filter by name here... field to quickly find who you are searching for.

    • If you are trying to add a player who has not been created yet, or filled out a form, you can add them on the fly using the First Name, Last Name and Member Role buttons in the right sidebar.

  4. When finished, click the X in the top right corner of the Add Player Modal.

    • You should see that the athletes have now been added to the team.

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