How to Add a Payment To an Unpaid Form Submission

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product
  1. After opening a form's admin panel, navigate to the Submissions tab.

  2. Click one of the Edit buttons in the right-most column to open one of the Edit Form Submission modal windows.

  3. Open the Financials tab inside of the modal window.

  4. Click the Add Transaction button.screenshot

  5. Select a Transaction Type (Payment, Refund or Waive)

  6. Select a Payment Method. By default we've set this as Stripe - Process New Transaction since most transactions we add this way are credit cards during check-in. However, if you're recording a cash/check payment or had a payment processed online through a different workflow there are a few other options you can select here.

  7. Enter the Payment Amount - we'll set the default value to the outstanding balance owed on this form submission. However, if you're accepting a partial payment you can change this value.

  8. If creating a new credit card transaction, click the Enter Card Number button at the bottom of the form.screenshot

  9. Fill out the form and click the Pay - $XX.XX button.


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