Form Actions - What are they and what can we do with them?

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product

Form Actions give you full control over your form's behavior.

You can set a custom trigger and action to take place when that trigger is fired.

Primary Use Case: Sending Confirmation Emails to Parents on Form Submit

Many of our competitors send standardized emails with their branding plastered all over it when your parents submit event registrations.

In contrast, we send emails from your club’s official email address.. without our branding.

Additionally, we give you full control over what is sent and to who specifically. We provide default templates that are created automatically while also giving clubs the ability to override the default messaging on an individual form level.

How to Create a Form Action

  1. After opening a form’s admin page, navigate to the Form Actions tab.

  2. To add a form action, click the Create Action button.

  1. The form that displays will have the trigger field preset to On Form Submit. At the moment this is the only trigger we support.

  2. Select an action for your form.screenshot

  3. Fill out the fields that appear. Information will auto-save as you type it in.

How to Send an Email on Form Submit

Having to write confirmation emails from scratch every time would be a nuisance, so we’ve pre-written two emails that you can use as starter templates; one email for parents and one email that can be sent to your staff.

After a template has been selected we will auto-fill the rest of the action settings. You can then make any necessary changes to the subject line, message content or who the email will be sent to.


How to Create and Issue an Invoice on Form Submit

This action is generally used by the larger clubs who are looking to automate the invoicing process.

After a player submits an acceptance form after tryouts, based on the user’s form data we can create an invoice using an existing invoice template as a blueprint.

  1. While editing a form's action, set the Action field to Create an Invoice.

  2. In the Invoice Template field that appears, select one of your invoice templates.

  3. Set the Re-direct Confirmation Page to Invoice? field to Yes or No. If set to Yes, when a form is submitted, instead of showing them the confirmation message we'll send them directly to the invoice so that they are encouraged to make a payment.


How to Fire an Action Only If Specific Options Were Selected

  1. When editing a form action, scroll down to the Conditional Settings section.

  2. Click the Add Condition Group button.screenshot

  3. Three fields will display in a table row:

    • The 1st dropdown will allow you select which custom field you would like to target. Only Dropdown Select and Radio Buttons will display here.

    • The 2nd dropdown will allow you to select the comparator (currently the only comparator we support is 'equals').

    • The 3rd dropdown will allow you to select any of the custom options you've setup for the custom field selected in the 1st dropdown.

  4. When a user submits a form with data that evaluates to true when compared to the condition(s) set above we'll fire this action. Otherwise we'll stop it before it is triggered.

    • You can add additional conditions by clicking the Add Condition button multiple times.

    • If you would like to remove a condition that had been set previously, click the "X" in the appropriate row (located in the last column, all the way to the right).

    • If you would like to narrow down the conditions instead of expanding the instances that evaluate to true you can click the Add Condition Group button and repeat the process above. The only difference being, now the form data will have to match at least one condition from both condition groups in order to evaluate to true.

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