Does Sportamingo support any payment processors other than Stripe?

By Matt Todaro
Founder, Head of Product

Not at this time.

In the past we had supported multiple payment processors but none of them came close to matching the level of service that Stripe provides to their customers.

Stripe's onboarding process takes less than ten minutes and clubs have all had great things to say regarding their experience with Stripe when compared to other 3rd party processors like PayPal,, etc.

We may decide to add additional payment processors in the future but for the time being we're going all in on Stripe due to their platform dependability and outstanding customer service.

What About Offline Payments? Do we have to use Stripe?

Sportamingo does have the ability to record cash or check transactions on invoices, as well as cash-at-the-door payment options for event registrations.

There is no transaction fee to record an offline payment.

If your club would rather not offer credit card or ACH payments to their members you do have the option of disabling this feature and going the old school route of cash / checks.

However, you will still need to connect a Stripe account in order to verify your organization is a legitimate business.

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